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About Barra da Lagoa:

Barra da Lagoa is located in Florianopolis, just off the coast of Brazil. It's a trendy place full of young people from all over the world, where they make new friends everyday. A fishermen's village, Barra has become a great destination for travelers due to its hospitality. You can find good food, Internet access, nightlife, snack bars, supermarkets and many shops.

The climate in Barra is mostly tropical. It's a surfer's paradise, and the destination of choice for the experienced, as well as the beginner. For the seasoned surfer, Brazilian winter is the best travel season, because there are generally bigger waves of up to 8 feet from June to August. The winter brings stormy weather while the summer brings afternoon thunderstorms. Deep winter can be surprisingly cold. The water remains stable all year round, but a steamer is definitely required for the winter.

Things to do

Wind surfing and Kite Surfing: For the advanced sailor that is looking for good wind, Barra da Lagoa is a great destination. Several miles of a great beach, with the right orientation to the wind and good waves, this is a great spot. Plenty of shops available and excellent restaurants.

Hang-gliding and gliding: The "Morro" (hilltop by the point) is a favorite launching site among gliders.

Day trips:

For those who love nature, Santa Catarina is paradise. The geographic diversity of the state, allied to the rich and preserved vegetation, guarantee fascinating options to lovers of Eco-tourism. Diving, hang-gliding, hiking, mountain climbing and canoeing are some of the sports enthusiastically practiced in the state.

For divers, there is no place better than the Arvoredo Biological Reserve, a group of islands located between Porto Belo and Florianópolis. The Reserve is at the junction of the icy waters of the Falklands Current and the warm waters of the Brazil Current, producing a special mixture of marine life.
Other islands, such as that of Campeche, in Florianópolis, also offer good diving, as do the rocky coasts and coves along the entire state from Laguna to São Francisco do Sul.

Those who seek adventure won't be deceived along the slopes of the coastal mountains. One can descend waterfalls at Presidente Getúlio, go rafting in the rapids in the Itajaí-Açu River, soar in a hang-glider in Jaraguá do Sul or go hiking in Florianópolis, or in the Serra do Corvo Branco Mountains.
These are just some of the ecological sports possible in the rustic scenery of the state's Atlantic Coastal Forest.

The waterfalls of Corupá and the fantastic Botuverá cave are also icons of local eco-tourism. This is a segment that is visibly growing and represents a new source of income for the state.


In Imbituba, more exactly in Praia do Rosa, nature surprises us with a performance of whales, called Francas, which escaping from the ice cold waters of the South Pole come to this warm water beach to reproduce and feed the baby-whales. The Franca whale is under the protection of the government, being a natural monument of the state since 1995. More recently in September 2000 the Protection Area of the Franca Whale was instituted. This area is located between the coast region of the Santa Catarina Island and the Cabo de Santa Marta in Laguna.


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